Let Me Die In His Footsteps Book Signing

The book:

  • Title: Let Me Die In His Footsteps
  • Author: Lori Roy
  • Publisher: Dutton
  • Published: June 2nd 2015
  • Synopsis from Amazon:

“In the spellbinding and suspenseful Let Me Die in His Footsteps, Edgar Award–winner Lori Roy wrests from a Southern town the secrets of two families touched by an evil that has passed between generations.

On a dark Kentucky night in 1952 exactly halfway between her fifteenth and sixteenth birthdays, Annie Holleran crosses into forbidden territory. Everyone knows Hollerans don’t go near Baines, not since Joseph Carl was buried two decades before, but, armed with a silver-handled flashlight, Annie runs through her family’s lavender fields toward the well on the Baines’ place. At the stroke of midnight, she gazes into the water in search of her future. Not finding what she had hoped for, she turns from the well and when the body she sees there in the moonlight is discovered come morning, Annie will have much to explain and a past to account for. It was 1936, and there were seven Baine boys. That year, Annie’s aunt, Juna Crowley, with her black eyes and her long blond hair, came of age. Before Juna, Joseph Carl had been the best of all the Baine brothers. But then he looked into Juna’s eyes and they made him do things that cost innocent people their lives. Sheriff Irlene Fulkerson saw justice served—or did she?

As the lavender harvest approaches and she comes of age as Aunt Juna did in her own time, Annie’s dread mounts. Juna will come home now, to finish what she started. If Annie is to save herself, her family, and this small Kentucky town, she must prepare for Juna’s return, and the revelation of what really happened all those years ago”

My thoughts:

The cover is what initially caught me, like most of the books that I read. The striking purple color and the girl laying in white seemed quite interesting and to top it off it was a hardcover.

The book took me about two and a half days to read due to having work and other commitments.

The beginning, for me, was a bit slow but it quickly picked up. The deeper you get the deeper you are pulled into the lives of the characters. As I read more and more, it was getting harder to pull away from the book. The thing about Lori Roy’s writing is that you feel as if you were walking through the book with the characters. It is as if you are there feeling the dark dampness of the home of Sarah and Juna. You can feel the light touches of the lavender plants brushing across your skin as Annie makes her way to the Baine’s. The book definitely transports you to this Kentucky county and grips onto you until the novel is finished. I’m pretty sure that when I would put down the book to go do something I came out with a slight country twang in my voice.

On June 11th, I went with my one of best friends and my mom to Mount Dora to celebrate my 19th birthday. We stopped by a german bakery in Yalaha on the way there. With full bellies, we took to walking the streets of the beautiful town. I have been to Mount Dora a few times before hand so I was showing them around. One stop that was a must was Barrel of Books and Games.

Barrel of Books and Games is a small used bookstore that has pretty good prices. Their books are usually in really good condition and they even sell new books and board games. Maybe I will do a review of them soon.

Fast foreward to June 20th. I had picked up Lori Roy’s new book Let Me Die In His Footsteps in hopes of coming back for the book signing. I have never been to a book signing before and thought that this would be a wonderful experience (technically I did go to one in Elementary school but I don’t remember it so I’m not counting it).

My friend and I were pretty nervous. We didn’t know what to expect and we had gotten there a bit early. We roamed a bit before we headed to the bookstore. We still got to the store early so I decided to grab some more books to add to my hoard at home.

There were only a few of us at the book signing. By a few, I mean two other people, the store owner, my friend and I. I did like how the group was small since it did not make it so intimidating.

Lori Roy started off by showing us documentations of one of her first big writing awards for a non-fiction piece right there in Mount Dora a few years back. Which is pretty dang awesome. She also spoke about her recent trip at a convention/expo (I can’t quite remember which) in which she was in a panel with other authors. From there, she went on about some of the questions that she receives quite frequently about the book.

One thing that I totally loved her for was when she spoke about how sometimes an author does not have a deeper meaning to their work and how many readers (teachers) try to pull the writing apart to come up with some kind of deeper nonsense. But really though…can Lori Roy get and amen? AMEN!

After we she discussed her book we ended up talking about her next book and how she is planning to have it set somewhere in Florida. Somehow, we got into the talk of Cassadaga. I’m pretty sure it was the store owner bringing it up, but my memory is a bit unreliable.

Cassadaga is known to be a spiritualist camp site here in Florida and seems to have the adjectives dark, eerie, and creepy attached to it. Because my friend and I have been there and I took a few trips there myself for fun with some other people, we told her about the place. She seemed to be very interested in the town and was hoping to visit the place soon. I’m crossing my fingers that she will add Cassadaga to her setting in a future book. One…because it’s a pretty interesting place. Two…because it would be cool to have known we helped spark that idea.

Lori Roy was friendly and it was nice getting to meet an author of such a great book. After meeting her, I am definitely pumped up to read her other two books. I hope that Lori Roy will grow to be a well known author soon. Her book was wonderful with rich setting and a twisting plot.

I wish all the best to you Lori Roy and I hope you don’t forget the five ladies in the little Mount Dora book shop!

Make sure to check her out here: http://www.loriroy.com/


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