On a Book Hunt For Lib Con 2015


On Saturday, June 27th, Lib Con will be taking place and will have some amazing authors attending. Since so many great authors are going, I’m trying to go and buy some of the books so that I can get some signatures. This will be my first bookish convention and I’m super stoked to go. 

Today was my first day of hunting. I stopped by the Barnes and Noble near my house first.  

 The main book I was looking for was The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. They had the book but I wasn’t too happy that the dust jacket was a bit dingy. Next to The 5th Wave, there were also signed copies of Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld. SIGNED FREAKING COPIES BY SCOTT WESTERFELD. I was so excited. Sucky thing was that the dust jackets were a bit dingy also, so I opted to check the B&N a bit farther away since it was bigger and probably has those books. 

So I hoped into my Dodge and drove 20 minutes to the other B&N and guess what? They had what I was looking for! A hardback version of The 5th Wave and a signed version of Afterworlds.  

I just want to take a moment to thank the sales representative who helped me track down these books. I didn’t catch your name, but you are a wonderful person. She helped me find The 5th Wave and she managed to track me down later on when I was in line to pay to hand me a signed copy of Afterworlds. Bless her heart. 

You would think I was done with books for a day since my total for those two books alone was about $41 and some change, right? Nope. Later, I was supposed to go throw some lacrosse balls around with my best friend at my work but it was raining and they had to close up due to weather. We waited a bit in the parking lot to see if it would let up. It didn’t, so I drove us all the way to the B&N near my work. I found a good amount of the books of the authors that will be present on Saturday. 

I was so pumped to buy all of the finds, but this girl is a college student and college students do not have a banking bank account. Instead, I opted to buy only two books: Becoming Jinn by  Lori Goldstein and Gated by Amy Christine Parker.  

I can’t remember my total for this purchase but I do know that Becoming Jinn was $17.99 and Gated was $9.99.

I pretty much laid down some pretty big bucks today for only four books. But, hey, it is definitely worth it especially since I’m going to get them signed. This also means my TBR pile is just going to keep growing and growing.

I wish I learned about Lib Con a bit farther in advance since I would have been able to prepare more and have been able to at least read one or two of the books in their entirety. 

I’m definitely super pumped for this Saturday’s signing. No question about it. 


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