Brek Shea Signing

Okay, I know this isn’t really book related but I got to meet Brek Shea today! Ugh it was such an awesome experience. My friends and I got in line right on time and got the last wrist bands that guaranteed us that we’d get our stuff signed. I had him sign my copy of Lion’s Roar which is Orlando City Soccer’s game day magazine, so you could say this is kind of book related ;P. I honestly just really wanted to share this moment. 

I was drawing while we were in line since the wait was a while and finished my drawing before we got up to him, so I decided to give him the drawing. He likes to paint and what-not so I thought that it would be something he’d appreciate. He actually did seem like he genuinely thought it was cool and his manager person with him thought it was cool too. A-plus for me right? I was ready to pass out from happiness. A-plus-plus for me keeping my cool. I was super awkward though, like I always am. By the way, he smelled great. Weird, I know, but I’m super into smells. I could probably be considered a dog. 

  That white rectangle piece of paper on the table to the right is my drawing. 

Thanks Brek for being rad hope to see you on field soon! 


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