Lib Con 2015 Pt. 1

 The Rick Yancey Experience 

Yesterday, I attended Lib Con 2015 at the Orlando Public Library in downtown Orlando. Overall it was a pretty amazing experience. 

We shuffled in late to Rick Yancey’s Keynote speech due to me hitting a curb last night and having to go get a new tire put in at 8 a.m. (Which , by the way, took two excruciating hours plus I live about 30 minutes away from downtown and I had to pick up my bestfriend after my tire change). That wasn’t planned in the schedule, but mini adventures are always fun. 

Getting back to us coming in late to the speech, was an amazing speaker. We got their late, but we still made it in time to listen to most of it. I had my wolf journal out and took notes while he spoke. I think he noticed because he kept looking my way, but who knows. He wore sunglasses most of the time so I wouldn’t know. I’m not too sure if I was allowed to take notes, but I saw a woman taking a video the whole time so I thought that it would justify me taking notes (I like taking note since I have a terrible memory and I would like to remember these moments).

I really loved that he had a lot of humor when he spoke and seemed extremely down to earth. Here are a few notable things that I wrote down from the speech:

  • The third book for The 5th Wave is finished and is going through editing.
  • Authors do see most of the posts that you make about their work.
  • Sony Pictures wanted to buy The 5th Wave before it was written.
  • If someone ever asks to use your house for a movie, say no. 
  • Ringer is supposed to be amer-asian.
  • We may or may not see Yancey in the movie. 
  • “No it was supposed to be a Buick” – Rick Yancey
  • The third book will be released after the movie
  • There will be special editions
  • The movie comes out sometime next year (I don’t think I’m allowed to tell y’all the exact date, so I’ll keep my mouth shut). 
  • The first trailer will be coming out sometimes soon.
  • If you have writer’s block, great way to get motivation is looking at your mortgage
  • Why aliens? -> “because they scare the crap out of me.”

 Right after the speech, Yancey had his book signing.  The line wasn’t bad at all. The staff was nice and we even chatted with one about Disney and selfie sticks while we waited for our turn to go up. I’m pretty awkward when it comes to book signings and I kind of just slid my book on the table for him to sign. 

You know when you have so much to say and ask before hand and then it all leaves you when you actually meet the person and you stand there awkwardly? That’s me. 

After we got our books signed we were given 5th Wave bracelets. Black or yellow. Rick Yancey said black would go well with my outfit, so you can pretty much guess which one I picked up…yellow. Just kidding. Of course I’d get the black one. 

Here are some pictures of the program:  



Check out part 2 of my Lib Con experience here


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