Lib Con 2015 Pt.2

The Author Fair


The author fair was great. I hauled over with me four books to get signed. I only found out about the event about three days prior, so I didnt have enough time to find all the books (let alone the money I needed to get them). Minus The 5th Wave, I brought:

At the book signing I purchased:

A local store called Bookmark It was there to sell the books. 


I also picked up tons of bookmarks for my books and was given a couple of posters. 


Amy Christine Parker was super nice and kind of quirky! I liked her outfit that she wore too. She hooked me up with a few posters and bookmarks. One of the posters was signed by her, Christina Farley, and Vivi Barnes (she wrote Olivia Twisted). Freaking awesome! 


 Holla at my girl J.A. Spiders for giving her book out for FREE at the event! I’ve been looking for this book everywhere before the event and couldn’t find it! Turns out it was being sold at the Books-A-Million near my house. Guess what? She lives near me too! It was great speaking with her and learning that an author lives so close to me. 


I had to awkwardly sit and stalk and wait for Lynn Waddell to get back from one of the panels she was speaking at to get my book signed.  She was cool and even gave me a temporary tattoo! She was wearing hers on her forearm which made her look like a bad ass. 


H.D. Smith was also at the panel so we waited for her too. I thought that the stamp in the book was pretty awesome. I didn’t realize that the book was already a signed copy when I bought it but she was nice and offered to personalize it. 


 Lynne Matson was kind and very friendly. She wore a cute dress that I forgot to compliment her on. I’m very excited to finish up this book. 


 Lori Goldstein was another of the authors that we had to wait for to come back from the panels. She had a bracelet on her table that looked exactly like the one that’s on the cover of the book and she was also giving out silver colored rubber bracelets. I forgot to pick up one because I was too busy being awkward while I got my book signed. 


Christina Farley was extremely friendly! I loved talking to her even f it was for a short moment. She told me that all her characters were based off her students that she taught in Korea. How cool is that?! Freaking Awesome! I would be so honored if I was one of her students.  

In all, the event was great. All of the authors were nice and had their own quirkiness to them. I’m definitely going to come to this event again if there will be one next year. Next time, I hope that I’ll find out about the event on an earlier date so that I can grab at least one book from each other and read them beforehand. These books have definitely made their way to the top of my TBR pile (sorry An Ember In The Ashes and Afterworlds). 

I’m definitely going to try to go to Indie Bookfest! Book events are just way too great of experiences to pass up. I also hope to be able to attend the panels next year too! 

I can’t wait for next year! 

If you missed part 1 check it out here


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