Mail Time 7.02.15

Coming home from my chemistry test, I was pretty bummed out. It was pretty hard and I’m not too sure if I did well. Not to mention I had to drive through torrential down pour. 

On the bright side, I came home to a brown package with my name on it. Do I need to mention how ecstatic I get when I get mail!? 

It was one of my orders from! Came to save me from a terrible day…thank you Book Outlet

The books I ordered were: 

  • Always Emily by Michaela MacColl – A book based on Charlotte and Emily Brontë. How could I pass that up? 
  • Eve by Anna Carey – Okay, for some reason I thought this would be a take on the story of Adam and Eve from reading the synopsis but, reading it now, I don’t see how I got that assumption. Hey, it still looks like a good and quick read though! 
  • Hit by Lori Ann Grover – Mainly a cover purchase but the synopsis sounded good and a bit different than some YA novels I’ve been reading. 

I’m pretty excited about these books (when am I not?) since they seem like quick reads that I can intersperse between the bigger books in my TBR pile. 

Here’s my order summary if you were wondering about how much I paid:  

Also, thank you to Book Outlet for the $5 off coupon that came with my last purchase.



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