A Good Hunt 7.13.15

   Today was a great book hunt day. I went out with my bestfriend to do some exploring at the state college and we stopped by Best Used Books after we had lunch at Polonia, a Polish restaurant right next to the mini strip that Best Used Books is located at. 
I wanted to check and see how much they were selling Blood Promise by Richelle Mead and if they sold Ghost Boy by Iain Lawrence there. I’ve been on a long hunt for these books. 

They were selling Blood Promise for about $7-$8 and I had seen it for about $5 on Brightlight Books’s website the night before, so That was a no go. I asked one of the kind ladies up front if they had Ghost Boy and she helped me find it. I was ecstatic to finally see it after so many years! Plus it was only three bucks. The only down side was that the back of the book had some type of paint on it, so I skipped out on that one too since I knew I could probably find it in better shape (maybe). With empty hands, we leave and head off to Brightlight Books since it was on the way home…and I wasn’t going to give up on these books any longer. 

I was determined to purchase Blood Promise since it is the only book I am missing from my Vampire Academy series (I seem to have misplaced my first copy after all the moving my family has done). Ghost Boy has been a must in the past year, but I had not been able to find it (maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough?). 

We park in front of Brightlight and, with my best friend in tow, I headed for the YA section. At first, I didn’t see Blood Promise but I did a double scan and found it. I pulled it out from its hiding place and found that it was in much better condition than the ones that they were selling at Best Used Books. It was cheaper too. I also spotted the old cover version of Uglies and swiped it up. I, like alot of my other series, have misplaced a few books from this series. I spotted this book at Best Used Books, also. The condition of the book wasn’t that great so I didn’t pick it up there. Best Used Books you have been failing me lately, but that’s alright. I still love yall. 

Before I headed to checkout I scanned the Junior section for Ghost Boy. I’ve been looking for this book for ages. This book was the book that pretty much started it all for me. To my amazing luck, there was one copy left sitting horizontally on a group of books. My hand quickly snatched it out of its sleeping place. And you know what, THE CONDITION WAS SOOO MUCH BETTER. I was (still am) sooo excited that I found it. I’m pretty sure the every little cell in my body was bursting with energy. 

In summary, the books I purchased were: 

Also, a few days back I bought these books while I was on a hunt for my bestfriend’s birthday gift (I was also trying to kill time before my shift started):   

  • Atlantia by Ally Condie – I was looking for signed edition books for my best friend’s gift and the Barnes and Noble employee gave me a stack of signed books to choose from (I would like to say that B&N always has some of the greatest customer service I have encountered). I ended up keeping this one for myself. I’m shellfish, I know (puns are great). 
  • Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard – So much hype. Had to buy. 
  • Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld (signed edition) – I had purchased one for myself a week or two before, but decided it’d be cool to grab her a signed copy also since she also loves Scott Westerfeld. Fun fact: we learned that we both were bookish people when we found out that we both loved these books. From there on, I knew I could talk book to her. 

I bought these books at Barnes and Noble. Bless this store for their membership and saving my broke college ass some monayyy. I’d probably have more money if I don’t blow them off on books, but I DO WHAT I WANT! 

Until next time Yall! 


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