Maya Books and Music


Store Name: Maya Books and Music

Address: 201 E 1st St, Sanford, FL 32771

Phone Number: (407) 321-6504

Merchandise: Used books, records, DVDs, and CDs

I have wanted to check out this place for so long and I finally made the trip! I did get a bit lost and ended up passing by Eustis, but that was totally my fault for opting to take a right turn instead of a left. At least we made it!



This place did not disappoint me at all. I discovered it through my friend’s Instagram. She posted a photo of herself in a Sanford bookstore and I just had to go to the place myself. A bookstore in Florida that’s near by? Of course I’ll check it out!


The place is located on Downtown Sanford’s 1st street where it is a line of cute shops and restaurants for visitors to checkout. For parking, visitors can either parallel park in front of the shop or find parking in many of the other free parking spots.


 The place is super cozy. They have sitting areas littered throughout the shop where you can just grab a book and chill around for a while. They have a second story loft area that would be an awesome hangout spot, but its staircase was barricaded by stuff.  Under that loft, there is the music portion of the store where there are many records to sift through. I did not really see much of a collection of DVDs and CDs. Then again, I was in awe with how awesome the store was. 


The place kind of reminded me of the bookshop in Maggie Stiefvater’s Shiver series where Sam works. I think that it is because of the loft and I saw old medical books (like what Isabel could have picked up). The records also reminded me of Shiver because Sam liked to sing and in Linger (SPOILER ALERT SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH NOW) he went to a recording studio with Grace.


I really loved the decorations the store had. It was very homey and inviting. They had different patterned carpets covered parts of the wood floors and the sofas were of the comfortable looking type. The lighting was pretty dim, but it added to the cozy ambiance of the shop.


The owner also has a super sweet dog named Layla who will just lay there and look up at the customers. According to the shop owner, Layla loves cookies. She’s an older dog that is very friendly. If you are afraid of dogs, I would still recommend coming into the shop. Layla is very friendly and does not look like she would hurt a fly.


Sadly, I didn’t pick up any books when I was at the shop. They had a wonderful historical fiction selection, but I could not choose a book that I wanted to pick up. I had so many that I wanted to get, however I tried to narrow it down to one. Since I couldn’t choose one, I opted to just comeback again when I have the money to buy multiple books (I was making sure I had enough to grab lunch at the German restaurant next door).


If you ever find yourself in down in Sanford, definitely jot this down on your list of places to visit.


Here are some helpful links:

Until next time yall!


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