Book Talks At IHop

I went to IHop with my best friend today after hitting up Barnes and Nobles after my class ended. I hadn’t eaten much all day and my fuel meter was starting to read “eat now before you turn into a monster.”

For the past two visits, we have been talking about my idea to write a book. I don’t want to give too many details out in fear that someone will take them, but I can tell you that it is along the lines of the fantasy sorts. I’ve been going over a few of my ideas and sprouting new ones as I talked to her. 

Now, the thing is, it’s all sunshine and rainbows when you voice your book ideas but when you try to type them out on the computer into actual words it’s a totally different story. This is where the phrase “It’s easier said than done” comes in. 

I would like to say I have a pretty darn good idea that is somewhat complex and could come out to a good book, but damn. Writing is just a kick in my ass. I really should have appreciated my AP Language and Composition class more. I passed the class and got my college credit for it, but that doesn’t mean anything. What is grammar anymore? . I don’t even know. You could probably could tell as I have probably made numerous errors on this blog. If there was a grammar police, I would get jail time for life. 

My diction kind of sucks too but that’s what drafts are for. You write and then go back and fix it. Right? BUT I JUST CANT STOP MYSELF FROM GOING BACK AND READING WHAT I JUST TYPED UP AND BEING ALL “Who the hell taught you to write? An injured pigeon has better diction than you. Your own shit could cough up better word choices than you.” 

Thank you, self. I feel motivated already. 

Any writers out there that want to spare me some tips and tricks? 

Until next time Yall! 


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