YMCA Charity Haul 8.05.15

This past week, my YMCA had a charity book sale. They had a book drive a week or two before hand and then relinquished the books for gym-goers to purchase at the book sale. The books were super cheap. $2 for paperbacks and $3 for hardbacks. Not bad right!? They had some awesome books and a huge selection of hardbacks. I was surprised at how good of condition some books were.

They were having a special sale on Wednesday…aka the day I brought cash. The paperbacks were only $1 and the hardbacks were $2. The books were practically free!

Here are the books I picked up:

  • Some Girls: My Life in s Harem by Jillian Lauren – The synopsis on the back sounded really cool and it kind of sounded a bit historical fictiony (Did I say I’m kind of a fan of historical fiction?). Come to find out, its actually a memoir. Even more cool points!
  • Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer – I used to have all of the books to this series, but with all the moves we had I somehow lost it along with my hard copy of Eclipse.
  • Prodigy and Champion by Marie Lu – I was going to buy Legend, but it was a little bit torn up. However, these two were in great condition.
  • Monster by Frank Peretti – The back sounded so good. Plus, the cover looked pretty cool.
  • Me Before You by Jojo Moyes – I’ve heard amazing things about this book and I have decided that it’s time to pick it up (especially since it was only $1).
  • The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton – Again, great things have been said about this book.
  • Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver – The cover caught my eye and the synopsis was pretty solid, so this ended up in my pile.

Here are a few photos of the charity sale:




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