Writer’s Block Bookstore

Correction-Writer's-Block-Bookstore copy

Store Name: Writer’s Block Bookstore

Address: 124 E Welbourne Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789

Phone Number: (407) 335-4192

Yesterday was the Winter Park Autumn Art Festival where many local artists come out to showcase their gorgeous pieces. Other than the art, one of my favorite things about these festivals is that most stores in the Park Ave area have special sales or discounts going on. Writer’s Block was one of the stores having a special going on where they had 20% off. I can’t really remember if it was 20% off the whole purchase or 20% of every item. I just saw 20% off and was all “YAASSS”.

Cue me dragging my cousin in with me.

I ended up buying two books. Because this post is mainly about the store itself, you can find my post of what I bought here.

Now let’s get on to the store itself.


The store is pretty awesome (what bookstore isn’t, though?). They have a great atmosphere and the place is decorated quite nice.


They have different rooms in the store that you can explore. My favorite is the one that holds all the YA and fiction novels, of course. In some of these rooms they have some cool nick nacks and giftable items that you can purchase…or just play with.


I think one of my favorite things about this store is that it is well lit. I have been to a few bookstores that seem a bit dim and gloomy. Why should it matter that a store is well lit? Well, it changes up the whole ambiance and ambiance can be everything when it comes to business. Better ambiance attracts more people. More people = more opportunities for $$$.


The employees are extremely nice and will have good conversation with you. Trust me. I’ve been to bookstores where you talk to their employees for a bit and you hit that awkward moment where you’re kind of just standing there and smiling at each other. Writer’s Block got you if you’re feeling for a nice chat or small talk.


You also don’t feel like you’re constantly being under surveillance. It’s a businesses job to make sure you don’t steal their stuff, but it’s also their job to have you feeling comfortable. They do have surveillance cameras so don’t think you can just waltz in and get that five finger discount. If you’re a person who does that kind of thing, shame on you and I hope you’re mother sets you straight.


I always feel happy coming into this store. This is a store you must visit if you every find yourself in the Orlando area. Park Ave (the area where this store is located) in itself is a wonderful place for tourists to check out. Heck, you might see me wandering around doing some shopping or stuffing my face with food.

If you live in the Orlando area, please visit Writer’s Block and support your local bookstores!

Make sure you check out these helpful links to learn more about Writer’s Block:

Until next time yall!


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