Library Buys 10.13.15

Today, I stopped buy to pay off the debt I had at one of my local libraries (more details on that can be found here).

I was feeling good as I trotted my way down the stairs, but something made me feel even better. When I looked up there was a used bookstore right in front of me! It was a little store where the library sells some books.

Here are the books I got:

  • American Indian Myths and Legends selected and edited by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz – I love reading different myths and legends of other cultures. I know mostly Greek mythology (like almost everyone else on this planet), but it’s always good to be well rounded.
  • The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer – I think after buying this book, I may finally have all of Stephanie Meyer’s books minus the illustrated versions of Twilight.
  • Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer – I already have this book, but I have it in soft cover. Originally, I had it in hardcover however I lost it while moving and then my mom wanted to read eclipse so she purchased the softcover. Now I’m a happy camper with my hardcover.
  • The Black Tattoo by Sam Enthoven – I’ve seen this book so many times in one of the used book stores I go to. I always pick it up but never purchase it. Since the library pretty much sells everything for a dollar, why not pick it up? Plus the dust jacket is pretty rad since it opens up into a poster.
  • The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold – I saw this on the shelf next to The Lovely Bones, so I picked it up. I like the movie for The Lovely Bones (yeahhh I didn’t read the book, bite me) so I decided this might be a good book. It seems like it would be okay from the synopsis and the blurbs made it sound pretty good. I’m a bit worried now though. I went to go get the link to it’s GoodReads page so that I could link it and it only got three stars. Who knows? I might like it.

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