Library Debt

Guys I finally paid my library debt!!!!

Do you guys want to know how much it was? Of course you do (you probably don’t). My debt was $183. Mhmmm almost a whopping $200. Thankfully a wonderful librarian cut my cost down to $25. Seriously bless her and her family because that is one of the most generous things a person has ever done for me. I really wish I got her name.

I haven’t had a library card in years. Well I did have one in a different county but that’s a whole other story. The main thing is that I didn’t have a library card to the library that I live near since 2005 because we moved from house to house (in the same area) so much that we lost the books I borrowed and were never able to return them. Sad, I know. BUT NOW THE GOOD LORD HAS DELIVERED AND I HAVE A LIBRARY CARD AFTER ALL THESE YEARS. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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