Mail Time 10.29.15

I came home from work about thirty minutes ago and was welcomed by a small brown package on my bed when I went to drop my backpack off in my room. I had a pretty hectic shift, but coming home to these books made my night! 

I ordered them off of the Barnes and Noble website since I had a 20% off coupon. 

The books I got were:

  • Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier – Yall don’t understand how long I’ve been looking for a hardcover of this book. Every bookstore I would go to would have this book in the paperback version or only have the second book in this series. We can all agree that this hardcover version is much more cuter than the paperback version. 
  • Diary of a Haunting by M. Verano – I barely know anything about this book, but I do know that this book has a hella cool dust jacket/cover. I’ve been eyeing it every time I set step into a Barnes and Noble.

I do have one issue with these books. They both have some denting on them which is typical since they can be jostled around during the shipment. The denting on them really sucks, but I’ll get over it eventually. It’s just that the little book collector in me that’s a bit peeved.  


Until next time yall! 


Bookish Buys 10.20.15

Forgot to post these buys too! Gosh, I’m slacking. I bought these this past Tuesday (October 20th 2015).

I was down in the Winter Park area and decided to stop by Writer’s Block Bookstore to say hello to the owner. Sadly, she wasn’t there. 

On the bright side, I picked up these two books! 

The books I picked up were:

I really need to calm down on this book buying guys, but there are just so many good books! 

Until next time yall! 

Bookish Buys 10.16.15

I just realized that I made an Instagram post about my purchases this past Friday (October 16, 2015) but I never made a blog post!

These are the two books I picked up:

The Diviners by Libba Bray – Booktube has so many reviewers raving about this book and how it’s a great read near this Halloween season. I’ve been picking up good spooky/creepy/halloweenish type books to read, so this was a definite pick up when I saw it at Brightlight Books’ shelves.

The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux – I have watched the movie and loved it, so the book is a must. Plus, it’s another halloweenish book!

Library Buys 10.13.15

Today, I stopped buy to pay off the debt I had at one of my local libraries (more details on that can be found here).

I was feeling good as I trotted my way down the stairs, but something made me feel even better. When I looked up there was a used bookstore right in front of me! It was a little store where the library sells some books.

Here are the books I got:

  • American Indian Myths and Legends selected and edited by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz – I love reading different myths and legends of other cultures. I know mostly Greek mythology (like almost everyone else on this planet), but it’s always good to be well rounded.
  • The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer – I think after buying this book, I may finally have all of Stephanie Meyer’s books minus the illustrated versions of Twilight.
  • Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer – I already have this book, but I have it in soft cover. Originally, I had it in hardcover however I lost it while moving and then my mom wanted to read eclipse so she purchased the softcover. Now I’m a happy camper with my hardcover.
  • The Black Tattoo by Sam Enthoven – I’ve seen this book so many times in one of the used book stores I go to. I always pick it up but never purchase it. Since the library pretty much sells everything for a dollar, why not pick it up? Plus the dust jacket is pretty rad since it opens up into a poster.
  • The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold – I saw this on the shelf next to The Lovely Bones, so I picked it up. I like the movie for The Lovely Bones (yeahhh I didn’t read the book, bite me) so I decided this might be a good book. It seems like it would be okay from the synopsis and the blurbs made it sound pretty good. I’m a bit worried now though. I went to go get the link to it’s GoodReads page so that I could link it and it only got three stars. Who knows? I might like it.

Bookish Buys 10.10.15

It’s been a while since I posted a haul!

I had a bit of a artsy/bookish day since I went to the Winter Park Autumn Art Festival and stopped by two bookstores and the library. Sadly, I did not borrow anything from the Library (I have a reason as to why and it’s pretty funny).

I did pick up four books yesterday, so here they are!

From Writer’s Block I picked up:

  • Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige – I’ve heard so many things about this book and I have been putting off buying it for a long time now. I don’t know why I’ve been putting it off, but I told myself it’s time for the purchase. Click here to check out the book trailer!
  • Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert Beatty – There was a shelf at Writer’s Block of books signed by their authors. I don’t know if I never noticed it or if it was a new thing, but I was really excited. I skimmed through the books, but when I read the synopsis of this one I thought it would be a perfect buy. I’ve been trying to buy darker themed books or just books that would get me in the fall/Halloween mood. Click here to check out the book trailer for it!

From Barnes & Noble I picked up:

  • Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo – So many good things I have heard about this book. Plus the edges colored black. I love me a good colored page book.
  • The Sleeper and The Spindle by Neil Gaiman; illustrated by Chris Riddell – I saw this book a few weeks ago while I was purchasing some other books. I really wanted to purchase it but I had to restrain myself. Since I have a Barnes and Noble membership, I was sent a 20% off coupon in my e-mail. You can guess where that went to. Click here for a video of Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell on the collaboration.

I’m so pumped about these purchases.

Until next time yall!

YMCA Charity Haul 8.05.15

This past week, my YMCA had a charity book sale. They had a book drive a week or two before hand and then relinquished the books for gym-goers to purchase at the book sale. The books were super cheap. $2 for paperbacks and $3 for hardbacks. Not bad right!? They had some awesome books and a huge selection of hardbacks. I was surprised at how good of condition some books were.

They were having a special sale on Wednesday…aka the day I brought cash. The paperbacks were only $1 and the hardbacks were $2. The books were practically free!

Here are the books I picked up:

  • Some Girls: My Life in s Harem by Jillian Lauren – The synopsis on the back sounded really cool and it kind of sounded a bit historical fictiony (Did I say I’m kind of a fan of historical fiction?). Come to find out, its actually a memoir. Even more cool points!
  • Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer – I used to have all of the books to this series, but with all the moves we had I somehow lost it along with my hard copy of Eclipse.
  • Prodigy and Champion by Marie Lu – I was going to buy Legend, but it was a little bit torn up. However, these two were in great condition.
  • Monster by Frank Peretti – The back sounded so good. Plus, the cover looked pretty cool.
  • Me Before You by Jojo Moyes – I’ve heard amazing things about this book and I have decided that it’s time to pick it up (especially since it was only $1).
  • The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton – Again, great things have been said about this book.
  • Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver – The cover caught my eye and the synopsis was pretty solid, so this ended up in my pile.

Here are a few photos of the charity sale:



Mail Time 8.03.15

Another wonderful bookmail from Bookoutlet! I honestly just can’t get over their prices.

Here are the books I bought:

  • Asunder by Jodi Meadows (Bk #2 of Incarnate Trilogy) – It’s been on my to-buy list for a few weeks now, so I decided to buy it. I thought this was the first book, but it turns out to be the second! More reason for me to make another order ahaha!
  • Chosen (House of Night, Bk #3) by P.C. and Kristin Cast– I am slowly making my way to collect all of these books. I may just wait to start reading the second book until I get all of the books so that I can do a straight marathon of the series.
  • Tiger Quest (Bk #2 of Tiger’s Curse series) by Colleen Houck – After many years I’m finally getting my hands on the next book in the series! I may have to reread Tiger’s Curse since I don’t remember much.
  • Atlantis Rising by Gloria Craw – I saw this book and totally just wanted it because of the cover and then I read the back and it seems to be about mermaids so you bet your ass that I picked it up.